Good design is an inspired design.

Searching through literally hundreds of photographs, I landed on this one for the category of inspiration. As a designer I’m inspired by the architecture, the palette, and the central figure. Not only is this photograph full of feeling and emotion, it’s full of endless possibilities.

Put yourself in the shoes of the young man. From his vantage point imagine all of the hundreds of things that he sees. The sharp angles of the plane, the various colors of his surroundings, the hustle and bustle of the movement. So many possibilities to take inspiration from: The colors, the shapes, the movements, the feelings.

Once I’ve meet a new client, and have collected all their basic information: their wants and needs for the space, the next step is to find inspiration. It could be as simple as a piece of art, a favorite piece of clothing, or images from travel. Without Inspiration design is pedestrian.

About 12 years ago I had a client who loved the way the sun came through one of her windows at dawn. She went on and on about how it made her feel, so one morning I went to her home before sunrise and I sat in the space so that I too could experience it. I photographed the window and the way the light filled the room and that became the inspiration for her project.

When clients come to me without inspiration, it’s my job to find it. Large scale prints, historical or vintage reproductions, and textures can serve as inspiration. Sometimes it may take hours and hours to find the perfect one, but once you do, you can build an entire room around it.

The sexier the textile, the more inspired the design.

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