Inspiration No. 008: Field & Stream Revisited

Memory is a strange thing; you never know what will trigger it. As I sat down to write this week’s blog I was taken back to Saturday morning trips to the barber with my dad to get our hair cut. Growing up in a small rural community in Iowa, there were two choices: Ward’s Barber Shop and The Cellar. Although, over the years, I frequented both, as a child it was always Ward’s.

Dad always had a “flat top”, and as a result, he always wanted me to have one too.  Although I didn’t have a bonafide “flat top” or “crew cut”, I wore my hair very short.  Way too short.

I remember, as if were yesterday, sitting and looking at stacks of magazines while I waited to get a haircut. The one magazine that stands out is Field & Stream.

I was drawn to this week’s inspiration for various reasons, but at the top the list was its palette.  The variation of hues in the foreground and background led me to this week’s design that I am calling Field & Stream Revisited.

inspiration-008-field-and-stream-revisitedWhether you are building, buying, or renting a place; the first order of business is to decide how you are going to use your space.  A den or a home office is the perfect place to run a household or escape to relax and recharge.

The design starts with function. The desk, credenza, and leather office chair are not only beautiful, but provide the space with everything needed for an efficient work area.

The velvet green sofa, a pair of the Cheetah and leather chairs, and a leather ottoman create the perfect retreat. I chose a couple of throws that add interest and texture to the sofa as well.


Area rugs are a key component to unifying the design. Instead of using one large rug for the room, I chose to use two.  The top one established the desk area while the bottom grounds the sitting area.  Both rugs are very different in color and design but work beautifully as companion pieces.

I have offered eight choices for paint.  I gravitate to the second and fourth on the top card and the first (from the left) and the third on the bottom card.


Metal lamps and accessories add the final element to complete the design. If my client was an outdoor enthusiast, I would incorporate taxidermy and prominently display the one didn’t get away. The beautiful thing about interior design, if done correctly, it showcases those who inhabit it.

Until next time, regardless of where you call home, let your surroundings rise up and Live in the Picture.

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