In yesterday’s blog I talked about establishing a palette, to review if we were to take today’s photograph and use it for inspiration our palette would be a polychromatic or multicolored.

As today’s picture suggests, our topic is creating a plan. In an earlier post I stated that all good design is inspired design. In order to have quality inspired design one must have a detailed road map that will lead your project from inception to completion.

Several years ago, I worked on a project with a young man who had purchased, what he thought, were some basics (a sofa, coffee table, etc.) from a high end catalog retailer for a new home that had yet to be completed. He visited their retail space in Kansas City, looked at their website, and fell in love with their catalog life-style shots.  They were warm, hip, cool.

Several months later, the house was finished, the furniture arrived, and the look he fell in love with when he placed his order didn’t translate. Why? The answer is simple: The scale of the furniture that he purchased didn’t work with the scale of his new space and he was missing the majority of elements that brought the room alive in the pictures.  I tell this story because it is a common one.

After hiring me, we assessed his wants and needs and I helped him create the look and feel that he had originally desired. It was simple: I created a design, made a plan, and then executed it.

The more detailed a plan the easier it is to achieve it.  

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