Choosing a Palette

The next step in the design process is creating a working palette. When I talk about a palette I am talking about a complete range of color or colors. Designs will either be polychromatic or monochromatic. If something is polychromatic it has a range of different colors where as if a palette is monochromatic it focuses on the use of one color.

Although today’s photograph is saturated with different hues of green, and gives an overall monochromatic feel, the low-lying fog introduces a second color making this a polychromatic palette. In attempt to keep this blog user-friendly, I will try not to bog us down with too much technical information, however I will introduce you key concepts that are fundamental to good design.

In my last post I talked about finding inspiration. I said that I often draw inspiration from textiles with large scale prints, historical or vintage reproductions, or textures. There may hundreds of colors present in the inspiration, but the palette can be narrowed, edited, or manipulated to serve the needs of the design.

The most important take away from today’s post is that once you found inspiration, your next step is to establish a color or group of colors in which you will use in creating design.

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